Thursday, 8 August 2013

Northwich Juniors crowned Cheshire Champions

Northwich Juniors have won the 4th annual Cheshire Team Champs match, held on Wednesday on the Bridgewater Canal at Lymm. 

The Northwich team, which included 4 of the original members who won the inaugural CADG event in 2010, only dropped a single section point to record a convincing win.

The Bridgewater Canal fished out-of-sorts, but there were fish to be caught for those with patience and perseverance. The clear winner on the day was Northwich's newest recruit, Scott Turnbull. Scott made the most of an end-peg draw and caught roach, perch and skimmers on the pole for a 2lb 8oz 7dr net. His catch was even more impressive considering he had to contend with the surface of the canal being covered in grass-cuttings, which an inconsiderate landowner dumped into the canal during the match. 

Runner up was Ryan Brown (Warrington Anglers) who managed an all-roach catch of 1lb 13oz 10drs caught mostly on breadpunch. Northwich's Alex Clegg made up the top 3 with a similar net of small roach taken on punch and pinkie.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Prince Albert AS Junior Open Match

Prince Albert Angling Society are hosting their popular annual junior open match on 27th July.
Lunch is provided for all competitors and parents are welcome to stay and watch.

Date: Saturday 27th July
Venue: Sandmere and Dovemere, Wash Lane, Allostock, Knutsford.
Registration and Draw: 8.45am until 10am
Fishing times: 11am until 3pm
Prize giving: 3:45pm
Finish 4:30pm

1. Age limit is from 7 to 16 years only
2. Competitors may only use one rod and line at a time

3. Competitors must fish with one hook only
4. All fish caught must be retained in a keepnet
5. All competitors must use a landing net to land all fish
6. All hooks must be barbless

Book now - dont miss out!

To book, or for more information, or special requirements, contact:
Peter Henery  07775650359 or email

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Junior League Final Results

Sunday saw the cream of Cheshire's young anglers fish the final of the CADG Spring League, held at Sandmere and Dovemere. The weather was kind for once, and in places the fish were obliging too. Most of the 31-strong field opted for feeder tactics, as the pole line only seemed to be producing on the fancied A-section on Sandmere.

Clear winner on the day was Warrington Angler's Ryan Brown (below), who made the most of his end peg draw on Sandmere to put 20lbs of roach on the scales, caught on pole and waggler tactics with maggot as bait. 

The runner-up came from the opposite end of the match on Dovemere, where Mike Brough (Tameside Matrix) worked the feeder to take 15lb 3ozs of skimmers. Third place went to Callum Brown (Warrington) who was pegged next to his brother Ryan, and managed 12lbs of roach on pole / waggler tactics. 

The results on the day were crucial for the overall league placings, and Lewis Burrows (Tameside Matrix) proved to be the most consistent performer over the league, amassing a total of 88 points, just 3.5 points clear of runner-up Jack Whiteman of Warrington.

Warrington Anglers final day performance of 144.5 points out of a possible 165 secured their victory in the overall league team event. Tameside Matrix came in second and Northwich in third place.

Match 4 Result:

1. Ryan Brown (Warrington Anglers) 20-01

2. Mike Brough (Tameside Matrix) 15-03
3. Callum Brown (Warrington Anglers) 12-00
4. Lewis Burrows (Tameside Matrix) 11-02
5. Kristian Jones (Tameside Matrix) 9-03
6. Adam Harman (Warrington Anglers ) 8-09
7. Jack Whiteman (Warrington Anglers) 8-05
8. James Heron (Northwich) 6-04
9. Lloyd Burrows (Tameside Matrix) 4-04
10. Tom Reddy (Prince Albert) 3-14

Overall Individual League Results:

1. Lewis Burrows (Tameside)  88pts

2. Jack Whiteman (Warrington) 84.5
3. Ryan Brown (Warrington) 81
4. Kristian Jones (Tameside) 80.5
5. Matty Farres (Tameside) 74.5
6. Lewis Wightman (Warrington) 74
7. Tom Heron (Northwich) 74
8. Lloyd Burrows (Tameside)  63.5
9. Sean Mulligan (Prince Albert) 61
10. Callum Brown (Warrington) 60.5

Team Result:

1. Warrington Anglers 457pts
2. Tameside Matrix 444.5pts
3. Northwich Anglers 357pts
4. Prince Albert 261.5
5. Disley & New Mills 214
6. Penketh & Old Hall 102


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Junior league match 3

The curse of the Cheshire Spring League bad weather continued, but it didnt affect the fishing on the Trent & Mersey canal. All of the 30-strong field of young anglers caught fish, and the overall weights were very close. 

The top weights came off the reeds near the pipe bridge at Billinge, where the bream and skimmers had shoaled up for spawning. The rest of the field were content to settle for gudgeon, with many anglers putting 30-50 fish on the scales.

Prince Albert AS starlet, Daniel Baxter made the most of his draw on the reeds with a fine net of bream, roach and gudgeon for 7lb 11oz.  

The runner-up came off the next peg, with local Northwich rod Alex Clegg putting 7lb 5oz on the scales. 

Just off the reeds, but still in the action was Tameside's Matty Farres, who had a fine net of skimmers and silvers taken on the punch and squatt for 5lb 6oz.  

See more results on the Match Results page.

The final match in this league of 4 takes the juniors to PAAS water Sandmere next week, where the individual and team trophies will be decided. Last year's Spring League champion, Tom Heron, goes into the final match with a single point advantage over Matty Farres (Tameside), and several others in close attendance.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Junior League Match 2 Result

Cheshire Junior League moved to the Meridian Canal at Border Fishery for the 2nd match of the spring series. With cold overnight temperatures, again the fishing was tough for the young anglers. There was still a good turnout though, with 41 anglers fishing. The numbers were boosted by newcomers Disley & New Mills joining the fun, along with a handful of local club Bay Malton AC's regulars. 

Most weights on the day were made up with F1s and carp, although in some sections the fish seemed to be refusing to feed, leaving the youngsters to scratch around for silvers and perch for points. 

There was a close battle for the top spot, with Matty Farres (Tameside) on peg 40 giving Penketh & Old Hall's Ethan Neary a good run for his money from the next peg 41. Despite both lads catching F1s, in the end it was a single roach that made the difference, as Ethan pipped it by just 3ozs for a total weight of 10lbs 6oz.

On the opposite side of the lake, 'A' section was a real grueller, with most anglers only managing one or two bits. The exception was Sean Mulligan (Prince Albert AS), who fished superbly to put 7lbs 15oz of F1s on the scales for a convincing section win and third place overall. 

The next match sees the league move to the Trent & Mersey Canal (Sun 12 May). 

1. Ethan Neary (Penketh & Old Hall) 10 -06
2. Matty Farres (Tameside Matrix) 10 - 03
3. Sean Mulligan (Prince Albert) 7 - 15
4. Declan Butler (Disley & New Mills) 7 -13
5. Lewis Burrows (Tameside Matrix) 7 - 08
6. Lewis Wightman (Warrington Anglers) 7 - 01
7. Zac Chatterton (Disley & New Mills) 6 - 14

8. Paul Bacon (Disley & New Mills) 6 - 10
9. Ryan Brown (Warrington Anglers) 6 - 08
10. Callum Griffiths (Tameside Matrix) 6 - 01

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Junior League Match 1 Result

Cheshire ADG's junior spring league kicked off today with a hard-fought match on the Bridgewater Canal at Warrington. 

With cold overnight temperatures, and a damp day to contend with, the conditions were against the young anglers, who were representing five teams from across the county.

Local experience paid off, and the winner by more than double his nearest rivals was Warrington Angler's hot rod, Adam Harman. 16-year-old Adam, who has been successful in local senior winter leagues, fished punched bread at 13m for a 3lb 8oz net of roach and small skimmers, from peg 36 near Red Brow underbridge. 

Pegged at the opposite end, near the motorway bridge, Tameside's starlet Callum Griffiths put together 1lb 11oz of silver fish, which was enough to tie with last year's Spring League winner, Tom Heron (Northwich), who also caught silvers on the breadpunch.

Fourth-placed angler, James Lomas, showed that perseverance counts, as he added a 1.25lbs perch in the dying minutes to boost his weight to 1lb 8oz.

League standings after first round (Bridgewater Canal):

1. Adam Harman (Warrington) 3lb 8oz.
2. Tom Heron (Northwich) 1lb 11oz
3. Callum Griffiths (Tameside) 1lb 11oz
4. James Lomas (Northwich)1lb 10oz
5. Lewis Wightman (Warrington) 1lb 8oz
6. Jack Wightman (Warrington) 1lb 3oz
7. Kristian Jones (Tameside) 1lb 2oz
8. Ryan Brown (Warrington) 14oz
9. Jack Eaton (Warrington) 14oz
10. Jake Worth (Northwich) 14oz

Match-winner Adam Harman receives his trophy.
 Next week's match takes the league to Bay Malton's Border Fishery.